120K worth add-ons included
HighTower produces results not alerts
Onboarding in hours not in months
Continuous improvement with ongoing pentests via HIghTower in-house Purple Team with industry-first cloud remediation capability

Transform Your Cybersecurity Into a Proactive Intelligence-Driven One

HighTower provides 24X7 SOC 2.0 as a Service including powerful Purple Exercise and Threat Intelligence Capabilities.

Logs Governance-as-a-Service

Collect logs once – use them multiple times. Benefit from different use cases for various lines of business across the entire organization. Examples of use cases are cybersecurity, data compliance, customer success, application monitoring, anti-fraud, anti-money laundering and data science for marketing purposes.


Get your cloud landscape monitored in 5 minutes leveraging modern DevOps tech and our brand new Customer Portal. Cut off all the noise and avoid talent competition for senior security pros using our end-to-end offering – from threat intelligence to monitoring, investigation, response and active remediation.​

Hybrid SOC​​

Supercharge your existing log management and SIEM tools with experience of our analysts, our detection content, threat intelligence and active remediation capabilities. We help you get more out of your existing SIEM to achieve maximum ROI​

What We Do

24/7 Managed Cybersecurity Services

Sumo Logic SIEM

Maximize the efficiency of your Sumo Logic subscription by delegating cloud monitoring and cybersecurity tasks to HighTower professionals. 

Cloud SOC
as a Service

Utilize the de-facto standard detection controls and exclusive Threat Intelligence-driven detection content crafted and tuned HighTower Security experts.

Cloud Detection
and Response

Benefit from a synergy between Cloud Security Services and skilled HighTower Security experts, coupled with active remediation capabilities.

Securing a
product company

Safeguard your product development environment by implementing watertight security baseline controls and threat mitigation scenarios.

Simulated Attacks

iOS App Security Assessment

Assess your iOS app security using a black-box method. Discover any vulnerabilities and architecture weaknesses with us.

Android App Security Assessment

Examine the security of your Android app. Identify any potential security breaches and architecture weaknesses.

Web App Security Assessment

Assess your Web applications for security vulnerabilities and architecture weaknesses using a black-box method.  

AWS Infrastructure Security Assessment

Assess your AWS infrastructure landscape for security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

How We Deliver


Customer Portal

Modern data protection across your entire organization with integrations into your existing workflows


Purple Exercise

Discover your cybersecurity landscape, improve the quality of threat detection, reduce false alerts and improve your overall cybersecurity posture.


We are proud of our partners who support us every step of the way


Our Clients