HighTower is a worthy alternative to your MSSP/MDR provider, as we deliver value by sealing backdoors instead of generating alerts


HighTower Customer Portal

The platform allows a customer to get onboarded in 5 minutes without painful questionnaires and buggy VPN tunnels. Besides that, a customer could see each incident across its entire timeline and get actionable recommendations on how to contain and mitigate it.

Purple Exercise

We believe that no SOC could be effective without knowing in precious detail how attacks could be seen in a specific environment and how attackers are operating. That means we’re running Red Team engagement as the first part of bigger Security Operations service and we’re getting incredible results in the following:

  • Reducing false positives and false negatives.
  • Improving the quality of detection content.
  • Understanding customer’s security landscape.
  • Making real-life actionable recommendations for improving the overall security posture.

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