24/7 Cloud SOC-as-a-Service

Get the most out of your AWS/Azure investments by working with domain experts to correctly establish, configure and manage your cloud monitoring operations.

Cloud Security Operations Center from HighTower covers all aspects of protecting your company, customer and financial data hosted with AWS/Azure.

We provide the following types of services:

  • Cloud Threat Monitoring (night) — we track hackers and potential threats to your organization while your core team is off duty, in the DST night time zone.
  • Cloud Threat Monitoring 24/7 — we employ teams across the globe in addition to your internal resources to track potential threats to your organization 24/7.
HighTower delivers:
We use best-of-breed tools to ensure world-class quality and timely delivery of services:

You’re going to build 24×7 SOC with an aim to support compliance program and detect threats coming from cybercrime, etc.


Your primary infrastructure is AWS-hosted. You understand that building a SOC would take at least 2 years to make it mature.


Your SOC would not just detect threats but actively respond when your DevOps team is asleep.

What you’ll need On your own

  • SIEM + Data analytics
  • SOAR (incl. workflow platform)
  • Machine learning capability
  • Infrastructure orchestration
  • Knowledgebase
  • TI

We on-board in 30 minutes with zero up-front cost.
  • Spend approx 0.3 mln USD before getting results.
  • Spend approx 1.7 mln USD in the first 2Y.
  • Wait at least 6 months before you begin getting any results.
  • Analyst hiring and retention
  • Log source management
  • Alert / Incident management
  • Use cases management
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Playbook management
  • Architecture management and research
  • SOC Efficiency Management
  • SOC Response and DevSecOps procedures
Have them ready from the get-go – we’ve already developed and tested them.
  • Experience risks on missing out for each of 9 processes.
  • Spend 3 months to just test each one.

Build Team

  • 3 L2 analysts + PM + SOC architect

Run Team

  • 5 L1 analysts
  • 2 L2 analysts
  • L3 analyst / SOC Architect SOC Head

Spend nothing and wait no time before getting results.
  • Spend approx $0.3 mln before getting results.
  • Spend approx $2.7 mln over 2Y.
  • Wait 2+ years to have a team hired.
  • Security audit and penetration testing tools
  • Security audit and penetration testing processes
  • Security audit and penetration testing people
We supply you with Red Team AWS, iOS, Android and Web app expertises as parts of our service – tuned and integrated into a strong Cloud SOC offering.
Multiply all costs and waiting times x2, because you’ll need to constantly challenge your team, test your tools/rules and fine tune processes with comprehensive Red Team exercises.

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