24/7 Managed Sumo Logic SIEM

Maximize the efficiency of your Sumo Logic subscription by delegating cloud monitoring and cybersecurity tasks to HighTower professionals. We have in-depth knowledge of all the settings and configurations that need to be enabled to ensure correct deployment and management of security controls.

HighTower Security team consists of security pros with 5-10 years of experience in Security Operations, Threat Intelligence, Red Teaming and compliance engagements. Examples of our projects are:

We have built a federated SOC for 12, 000 seats for a group of financial companies. We have also conducted a SOC maturity audit for a notable bank from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).
We run SOC operations of a large North American cybersecurity provider and of a notable Saudi Arabian healthcare provider.
We led several large-scale SIEM implementations for major CEE corporations and built log management capability for major US financial information firm within their Munich EMEA HQ.
We performed 20+ wide-scale penetration tests, iOS/Android app security assessments and Red Team exercises for banks, crypto-exchanges and airlines across the globe.
Main benefits of 24/7 Managed Sumologic SIEM services from HighTower Security:

Let HighTower become your extended hands and subject-matter experts in security use cases within the Sumo Logic ecosystem. We strive tirelessly to support and extend your vendor’s level of expertise in the following areas:

  • Log sources onboarding and log mapping.
  • Security content development and management.
  • Dashboards development and management.
  • Daily management and development of new Machine Learning jobs.
We use best-of-breed tools to ensure world-class quality and timely delivery of services:

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